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About REStrukt

REStrukt is the first suite of games by TabTalks, focused on community engagement. The game explores the complex and emotive relationships in a community faced with a challenge.

REStrukt is a multi-player card game that helps communities understand resilience. REStrukt does not define resilience, instead it is based around guiding principles, allowing for participants to come to a common understanding and learn about place-based community actions.

REStrukt helps set a fun, high-energy and inclusive tone for follow-up discussions. Through the game all stakeholders learn to respect the role of others in the room and empathize with issues others might face. REStrukt also provides a process through which players can learn, and apply their current knowledge in new and innovative ways.

The game can be played as it is, or modified if you are seeking to build or empower your community and are dealing with a specific problem.

Playing REStrukt

Exploring disaster risk reduction and whole of community resilience

A seven-player game designed to help communities, first responders and other key stakeholders understand resilience in a whole-of-community context and the importance of all stakeholders in working together prior to a disaster.

Creating a shared understanding of urban development and redevelopment issues

An eight-player game designed to help communities come to a shared understand of the motivators and needs of the stakeholders (residents, businesses, developers, City Hall) in addressing development and redevelopment issues.

Mobilizing volunteers to support survivors in a disaster zone

A custom designed seven-player game for the Field Innovation Team exploring the roles of first responders, volunteers and survivors in a disaster zone and opportunities to work together to facilitate response and sustainable recovery efforts.

Custom designed for you?

REStrukt can be modified to help you and your stakeholders explore a challenge that you are facing or develop a common understanding of a complex issue.

What people are saying

“The game helped people understand why some stakeholders may have entrenched positions … it helps people understand that different groups may have a very different view.”

Dr Satyamoorthy Kabilan
National Security and Strategic Foresight, Conference Board of Canada

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Interested in playing REStrukt or having a custom designed game to help you, your team, your stakeholder or your community explore a problem? Send an e-mail to TabTalks.

TabTalks is based in Ottawa, Canada but travels across North America to deliver games and facilitate conversions.

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